domenica 5 agosto 2012


After a lots of thoughts, I decided to abandon this blog, and create "IMNOTME ~ Akime, under the rain"
You can find it HERE.
Please, follow me again!!!

domenica 24 giugno 2012

AVON Ideal flawless Review

OMG, I'm so sorry I'm not posting since last month.
I've been so busy, but I can assure you I'll keep you informed from now on, as I've a lot of astonishing news!
But First things first.

Today I'm willing to talk about a foundation I bought lately.
I payed 20 € for it, including a very good mascara and shipping feeds, so I think it's been a good deal.

Here's the foundation:

The shade's name is "ivory". It one of the lightest you can buy there. 30ml seems really a poor amount of cream, to be honest.

This is me. I'm sad because I've no makeup at all :(

Let's use an hairband to get rid of hair.

hydratation FTW

And here's the star of the show!

You can easily spot the differences!
~Dark circles....GONE!
~That horrible red spot on my forehead....GONE!
~F*cking horrible Rudolph-like-red-nose...GONE!

Final evaluation:

PRICE: ★★☆ (really poor amount of cream compared to the price)
COLOR: ★★★★★ (finally I found the right color for my skin!)
APPLICATION: ★★★ (with fingers, wet cotton or a foundation sponge you can obtain good results!)

Bye for now, I'm going to a school party with my son~