domenica 24 giugno 2012

AVON Ideal flawless Review

OMG, I'm so sorry I'm not posting since last month.
I've been so busy, but I can assure you I'll keep you informed from now on, as I've a lot of astonishing news!
But First things first.

Today I'm willing to talk about a foundation I bought lately.
I payed 20 € for it, including a very good mascara and shipping feeds, so I think it's been a good deal.

Here's the foundation:

The shade's name is "ivory". It one of the lightest you can buy there. 30ml seems really a poor amount of cream, to be honest.

This is me. I'm sad because I've no makeup at all :(

Let's use an hairband to get rid of hair.

hydratation FTW

And here's the star of the show!

You can easily spot the differences!
~Dark circles....GONE!
~That horrible red spot on my forehead....GONE!
~F*cking horrible Rudolph-like-red-nose...GONE!

Final evaluation:

PRICE: ★★☆ (really poor amount of cream compared to the price)
COLOR: ★★★★★ (finally I found the right color for my skin!)
APPLICATION: ★★★ (with fingers, wet cotton or a foundation sponge you can obtain good results!)

Bye for now, I'm going to a school party with my son~


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