giovedì 29 settembre 2011

Trying to improooove! ♥

New look today! Just asking for impressions!

Well, as you can see I changed my hairstyle, and tried a more elaborate make up (adding three eyeshadow on my eyelids) What do you think?
C U soon <3


mercoledì 28 settembre 2011

Cosmates order arrived, FINALLY!

Aren't they absolutely cute?

I ordered this pair of stockings one month ago. From
I love that particular website, they sell a lot of cute stuff, but i was afraid of ordering there. FInally, after some years I decided to try out this site, and i ordered these.
8$ plus ss (8$ too), 26 days of shipping and this is what i received:

 The package
And the stocking's sachet.

I love them, but unfortunately they're so smaal ç___ç

Lol photo in panties xD

They barely reach my knee, sigh... but hey, they're fu*king awesome!!

kisskiss _Candycane

martedì 27 settembre 2011

GEO XTRA kira Blue lenses and gyaru makeup ;)

Welcome to my first review!
Lol i'm a bit nervous, as I don't even know where to start <.<

So, I'm taking EDDIE's reviews as sample, and fill it with my evaluation!

Few weeks ago I received my first pair of circle lenses (GEO XTRA Kira Blue WT-A42) but I didn't say anything except for putting photos.
Recently I've been asked for a review so here we are!

These is the stock image of the lenses I bought on

I bought them for they were on sale, and making a combined order I didn't pay the shipping costs (on Iwantcute if you spend more than 20 pound they ship for free). I know Iwantcute is one of the cheapest circle lenses shop shipping in Italy, but I think 20 pounds are just too much for a pair of coloured lenses <.<

Well well, They arrived in 8 days, from England, that is a fair period of time if you think that barely all websites keep orders for more than 3 days before shipping.

Double package (O_o) one contained a leaflet with the shop logo and another small package. The small one was bubble wrapped inside and contained the lenses.

The lenses how I found them.

In the package, except for the lenses i found a case to hold them (lol that's pretty obvious, but I didn't expect it xD)

Wearing circle lenses (lenses in generis) for the first time was a REAL trauma xD but after a few minutes i started feeling comfortable!

This is how they look on me <3

           Without lenses                                                                  With lenses

They're comfortable and flexible...i've a lot of problems in putting them on, but i think is just i've to learn how to do it properly <.<

Final evaluation:
Cost: 4/5
Shipping: 5/5
package: 5/5
lenses 5/5

So, let's see how I look with gyaru makeup!
I begin with cleaning my face with a bunch of cotton and some drops of makeup remover.
The pink thing you see below is my rabbit mirror xD
Then i cover all imperfections with my Basic concealer.
 I put on my foundation and the face powder
 Let's put on some blush too! (travel color matt powder, i know it's not a blush but i love it)
 To make your eyes look bigger you can add a little bit of white eye pencil right near the inner corner of the eye <3
 I'm totally unable to use kajal as eyeliner but for this entry i tried my best! (smile)
 HERE WE ARE! simple and rapid gyaru look <3
 Sorry for cutting the photo :P I additionally tried my brand new nerd glasses. Do they fit on meh? <3

Well, I really like how I look with this makeup on... but I know I've to work hard on me to become a real gyaru. I'm afraid i'll be a wannabe for ages before looking a little gyaru lol

Kisses _Candycane

Hate, Rosik and a lot of NERD stuff

Damn VG.
I'm going mad.
My ex BF gave me this videogame I was fancying for, for my birthday (very early huh?) and today I tried to install it.
The VG is "Alice, Madness Returns". I was planning to review the game on this blog, just cuz i think lots of you would like it (hell, yeah it's a wicked version of Alice in wonderland, lol).
I played the first episode LOOOONG ago (don't even remember when) and I liked it really much <3 

Except, obviously, for the graphic (lol that's awful compared to the games of this year xD but we're talking about ELEVEN years ago... OMG I was only 10 **) I loved the game plot and all characters, especially the Chesire cat. You can see it in the image, isn't he... WONDERFUL?

Shortly after the "Through the looking glass" Alice adventure, her house is burnt down in a fire (caused by the cat LOL) killing her parents and making her lose her mind. We find her into an asylum (O___o) with the only company of a stuffed white rabbit (LOLOL) rapidly loosing touch with reality. Her deviated mind, unfortunately, affected the wonderland, and she's the only one to save it.

Isn't it AMAZING? I sincerely loved to play it as it isn't a traditional "survival horror" nor an "action-advenure" but a real puzzle to solve step by step by using all you skills.
Enemies are brilliants and location are just perfect. Even the musics are perfectly combined with the dark ambience floating all over the game.

I strongly recommend it <3

That's all for today! If i'll manage to make the game run on my pc I'll surely post some screenshots and advices for you!

Kiss kiss _Candycane

venerdì 23 settembre 2011

.jpg challenge! _Part 2 **

HEEEREEEE we are!!
Good evening girls (and boys <3)
Here's the second part of my jpg challenge! Is truly difficult to decide what to post, I've a ton of photos here!
After a whole hour of thoughts, folders, bin, images definitely NOT publishable (yeah, I read yuri and yaoi too! U.U) I decided to post those 3 distinct folder I previously divided by "topics"!

 Me /w long hair, when I dressed Loli style <3
 Long hair ç___ç i miss you ç___ç
 My sis...erh LICKING my cheek O__O
 Laziness, I love you <3

 Whoops xD

 Make up time!
 Me at school (the one on the left)
 My super cute bunny-mirrorrrrrrr **
 Smiiiile :D
 Lol xD
Well...this was my Goth period xD I was creepy O__O

Lol, what a mess xD I really miss my long hair ç__ç I hope they will grow soon ç___ç

 OBVIOUSLY, I cannot be a wannabe without tons of Gyaru images xD I love her hair **
Okay, I've a crush on these dresses.

Well, that's pretty... obvious. Scans of magazines, photos from the net. I don't even know where to put them anymore xD

 My first commission ** Lol it was for a very special friend...that's my BF now xD
 I LOVE to craft fimo jewels. ç__ç but nobody likes them, sigh.
 I also love cooking <3 Mostly cakes and dessert, but even some other dishes xD
School work! <3 (Inspired by Victoria Frances)

Lol I still have a lot of images to show you xD I think I'll up some more later (maybe next month) just to talk about something else xD

kisses! _Candycane

Wow, giveaways!

Here's another beautiful giveaway!

You'll also find, like usual, the banner at the end of the page ^^

.jpg challenge!

Have you ever tried to type ".jpg" in your computer's "search box"?
Well, I can assure you that's the funniest thing you can do when you've nothing to do ^^
You can see your life through the photos saved on your pc... memories, bad days, happy days, family photos, funny images you lost and yes, even things you'd like not to remember.
But that's it. I typed the magic word and that's what came up:

That's a bad memory. Well, I wanted to commit suicide that day. I took a train to the nearest town on the sea to jump into the water. When I arrived I saw this wonderful view and I started crying. I took my cellphone and shoot this 3 photos to remind me life can be beautiful even if it's an awful period.
I had totally forgotten this since today.

I had a relationship with a girl, some years ago, and even if it finished in a really bad way, I still think that she's been the most important partner of my life (until now). We used to write MMS each others, sending cutie pics we took at drawings and crafts made by ourselves. It was so sweet <3

My dog, Moody, and his first snowfall \(^o^)/
This is the place where I used to live when I was like 11 years old. I miss this place :/ I like woods and nature, rivers and, I suffered a little when I moved into the "city".

 Sirio cosplaying "Nike" from Guruguru

 First birthday!
 The day we came back to my parent's place
 10 days old Sirio and his father

 Sirio's first attempt to crawl ^^

Sirio sleeping... my cutie boy <3

Well, it's almost 1.00 am, so i think i should go to bed.
Tomorrow I'll finish with my ".jpg challenge"...but I'm curious to see your own!!

kisses _Candycane