venerdì 23 settembre 2011

.jpg challenge! _Part 2 **

HEEEREEEE we are!!
Good evening girls (and boys <3)
Here's the second part of my jpg challenge! Is truly difficult to decide what to post, I've a ton of photos here!
After a whole hour of thoughts, folders, bin, images definitely NOT publishable (yeah, I read yuri and yaoi too! U.U) I decided to post those 3 distinct folder I previously divided by "topics"!

 Me /w long hair, when I dressed Loli style <3
 Long hair ç___ç i miss you ç___ç
 My sis...erh LICKING my cheek O__O
 Laziness, I love you <3

 Whoops xD

 Make up time!
 Me at school (the one on the left)
 My super cute bunny-mirrorrrrrrr **
 Smiiiile :D
 Lol xD
Well...this was my Goth period xD I was creepy O__O

Lol, what a mess xD I really miss my long hair ç__ç I hope they will grow soon ç___ç

 OBVIOUSLY, I cannot be a wannabe without tons of Gyaru images xD I love her hair **
Okay, I've a crush on these dresses.

Well, that's pretty... obvious. Scans of magazines, photos from the net. I don't even know where to put them anymore xD

 My first commission ** Lol it was for a very special friend...that's my BF now xD
 I LOVE to craft fimo jewels. ç__ç but nobody likes them, sigh.
 I also love cooking <3 Mostly cakes and dessert, but even some other dishes xD
School work! <3 (Inspired by Victoria Frances)

Lol I still have a lot of images to show you xD I think I'll up some more later (maybe next month) just to talk about something else xD

kisses! _Candycane

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  1. Mi piaci un sacco coi capelli lunghi e mezzi castani/biondi, ma soprattutto nelle foto "mezzane" dove hai i capelli più lunghi di adesso.. quelle dove ti trucchi xD e i tuoi disegni Fono belliFFimi~