giovedì 1 settembre 2011

Two or three words before bed

Feelin Despised

Not that I'm that lovely cutie girl, but MAN, I've some feelings too. 8(>.<)8
I basically don't like other people giving me advice without being questioned, and I surely hate who try to force me doing something just because “I'm right, You don't know how to do it, so do whatever I say”. (U.U)
I cannot stand it.
I admit I'm not perfect, I can be wrong sometimes and perhaps I've a really bad nature but that's too much for me.

Entering Gyaru world... … … <3 <3

It's about two or three month that I'm wondering how would I look like in gyaru style. I really like it, well, I'm following gyaru since my first year in high school and really appreciated it from the beginning. \(^_^)/
I finally decided to buy out some stuff and try to become a...uh...girl? (>n>)?
Well, that's hard for me, since I've never been that feminine before. You know, I'm trying to rebuild an entire life, and I'd like to change a little bit.
I'm gathering a lot of goodies, instead. Just commissioned an order from “TaoBao” and bought circle lenses (on sale, MAN I'm not rich!) in a site I had never heard of before, “Iwantcute”. o(*__*)o
I'm so happy! I'm feeling that it's all going to be good, that I'll make it, finally, and that Gyaru style will help me finding out my real self!
From now on I'll work hard to reach the maximum level and transform myself into myREALself.

I have already improved a lot, changing from this:

To this <3:

Do you agree with meh? \(^w^)/

<3 Hugs and Kisses <3


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