martedì 27 settembre 2011

GEO XTRA kira Blue lenses and gyaru makeup ;)

Welcome to my first review!
Lol i'm a bit nervous, as I don't even know where to start <.<

So, I'm taking EDDIE's reviews as sample, and fill it with my evaluation!

Few weeks ago I received my first pair of circle lenses (GEO XTRA Kira Blue WT-A42) but I didn't say anything except for putting photos.
Recently I've been asked for a review so here we are!

These is the stock image of the lenses I bought on

I bought them for they were on sale, and making a combined order I didn't pay the shipping costs (on Iwantcute if you spend more than 20 pound they ship for free). I know Iwantcute is one of the cheapest circle lenses shop shipping in Italy, but I think 20 pounds are just too much for a pair of coloured lenses <.<

Well well, They arrived in 8 days, from England, that is a fair period of time if you think that barely all websites keep orders for more than 3 days before shipping.

Double package (O_o) one contained a leaflet with the shop logo and another small package. The small one was bubble wrapped inside and contained the lenses.

The lenses how I found them.

In the package, except for the lenses i found a case to hold them (lol that's pretty obvious, but I didn't expect it xD)

Wearing circle lenses (lenses in generis) for the first time was a REAL trauma xD but after a few minutes i started feeling comfortable!

This is how they look on me <3

           Without lenses                                                                  With lenses

They're comfortable and flexible...i've a lot of problems in putting them on, but i think is just i've to learn how to do it properly <.<

Final evaluation:
Cost: 4/5
Shipping: 5/5
package: 5/5
lenses 5/5

So, let's see how I look with gyaru makeup!
I begin with cleaning my face with a bunch of cotton and some drops of makeup remover.
The pink thing you see below is my rabbit mirror xD
Then i cover all imperfections with my Basic concealer.
 I put on my foundation and the face powder
 Let's put on some blush too! (travel color matt powder, i know it's not a blush but i love it)
 To make your eyes look bigger you can add a little bit of white eye pencil right near the inner corner of the eye <3
 I'm totally unable to use kajal as eyeliner but for this entry i tried my best! (smile)
 HERE WE ARE! simple and rapid gyaru look <3
 Sorry for cutting the photo :P I additionally tried my brand new nerd glasses. Do they fit on meh? <3

Well, I really like how I look with this makeup on... but I know I've to work hard on me to become a real gyaru. I'm afraid i'll be a wannabe for ages before looking a little gyaru lol

Kisses _Candycane

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  1. Sei bellissima truccata così *_* però il titolo del post è sbagliato xD cioè, se hai fatto la review delle lenti Geo perchè hai messo nel titolo le mie e la colla per ciglia? xDD
    Non vedo l'ora di vederti usare delle ciglia inferiori.. ;D
    I nerdy ti stanno benissimo!!
    Acchi love~