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Wedding cake and cocktail dresses

I'm back!!
Well, I'm nearly death but I enjoyed the wedding :3
Before putting the recipe of the cake I wanted to try it out (just to know if it's good or not) **
So, here's the recipe! It's pretty simple and the results are gorgeous!

Let's start with kneading the base and the second layer:
Here are the ingredients!

 - 6 eggs
 - 375 gr flour 
 - 375 gr butter 
 - 180 gr sugar 
 - 1 sachet and a half of yeast

You just have to put the egg yolks into the sugar and stirr vigorously until the compost turns whiter and frothy.
While stirring, put all the butter in a pot and let it melt (you can help it by turning on a low flame, DON'T let it fry as it will burn in a few seconds). When all the butter as turned liquid you can pour it into the compost and stirr. Add the flour and the yeast paying attention not to let the compost turn lumpy.

Whip egg whites untill they are firm and solid and add them by mixing gently.
And Here you are! Put all the compost into two concentric baking tin and set tho oven on 200° for half an hour!

 I additionally baked a third layer (the dose is 1/6 of the recipe I wrote) but as I didn't have a baking tin small enough I put the compost into a pot covered with baking paper :3 It was smaller than my hand **
 When your cakes are ready, you can start cooking the custard <3 (1 lt milk, 12 yolks, 1 vanilla stick, a piece of lemon skin, 4-5 flour spoons and 6-7 sugar spoons. Warm the milk with the vanilla stick and turn off the fire right before it starts to boil, mix the yolks, the milk, flour and sugar together, then add the compost to the milk and let it bake until ready)

 And here's the funniest part of the work (LOL I'm LYING!!): The glaze.
At the first time, I thought it would be hard to make a good glaze but this recipe is simple to understand and easy to practice!
All you need is some Honey, isinglass (two or three sheets) and a LOT of powdered sugar!
Put 6 spoons of honey into a pot and let the isinglass melt in a few water (DO NOT exaggerate with water, the less you use, the best will be your glaze) the pour the liquid isinglass into the honey and warm until mixed.
Put 250 gr of powdered sugar in a bowl ad pour the compost. You are done! Just work the mixture until you have THIS:
Take a rolling pin and shape the glaze:

 Put your cake together:

And finally, cover it with your glaze!

Last tip:
DO NOT ABSOLUTELY IN ANY POSSIBLE WAY PUT THE CAKE INTHE FRIDGE RIGHT AFTER YOU SHAPED THE GLAZE! It'll melt and make your cake look HORRIBLE! (I had to adjust it in a few minutes before the wedding ç___ç as you can see in the photo is a total mess <.< fortunately it was good xD)

The wedding was beautiful! Both the bride and the groom were crying of happiness! As for me, I dressed in a black cocktail dress. It was truly elegant but I think it didn't fit me really good :P

Here are some photos <3

 Details of the dress <3
 Me, on my way to the ceremony!
 Dress. Again <.<
 Make up detail
 Sober hairstyle detail
Me and the babies on the car ready for going!

Tomorrow I'll talk about the lunch we had with all the participants, and about all the work we (me and the other of the organization staff) had.

xoxo _Candy

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  1. woaa u made that yourself? awesome! *drool~~~*

  2. @Lina: Ow thank you! ^^ It's simple you know ** maybe you can try yourself!