domenica 4 settembre 2011

Cooking time!

Kay, Today is Sirio's birthday! (Happy Birthday Sirioooo!) So I decided to bake a special cake for him. Well, had to admit that I've done LOOOOTS of mistakes, as it was the first time with that particular cake but I think I did it.

Here's the cake. I know chocolate's a little crooked but I didn't noticed before taking the photo, when the chocolate was already firm.

Sugar roses <3 two as my little boy's age!

Kisses _Candycane

2 commenti:

  1. Cosa c'è dentro? Sembra buonissima *O*

  2. È una torta allo yoghurt con cacao ricoperta di glassa fatta di miele, zucchero a velo e colla di pesce :) stasera metto la ricetta!