martedì 6 settembre 2011

BABY Ready for sleep, Shoes and thoughts

As Sunday was his 2nd birthday Sirio received a lot of gifts. One of them is this absolutely cute pajamas, with dog stamps! Today we tried it out for the afternoon nap:
Sirio doesn't want to go to bed! He wants to play outside!

He and his stuffed friend "Mio" (He just learned to say "Mine" in Italian so he just call everything "Mio") Read a story and finally went to bed. How cutie <3
 Before going to bed, let's read a story to "Mio"!

Well well well. As I said some posts ago, I began to like "girly" things since a veeeery short time. No wonder I'm still a newbie but I'd like to show you what I've collected in a few months!

Today, let's talk about shoes!

Shoes sector in my closet (just summer shoes for now)

Skipping ugly sneakers, and flip flops:

I don't really like this kind of shoes. My boyfriend asked me to buy a pair (well, HE bought me this pair to be honest) and i found that they are really comfortable! I match them with a dress on the same tones and I really, really love that outfit <3

"RedRidingHood's" SANDALS:
I hate them. Even if they are beautiful. They hurt and cut my feet, and make me suffer all the time.

No more to say. They're in plastic. They're fucking hot inside. And they make you sweat.

They're amazing. COmfortable, fresh, cute. The only thing is that I've barely nothing to put with them.

They're IMMENSE. But I love them. I put them almost with EVERYTHING and they're fucking stylish.

OMG I love them. Elegant, Simple, cute but classy. Never put them on for now, but I'll surely do.

The First pair of pumps I bought. Comfortable, elegant and not that tall.

Aren't they ASTONISHING?
I've a crush on them. They're the most cute, beautiful and lovely pair of pumps in the world. (Obviously a Boyfriend's gift <3)

\(*O*)/ Another boyfriend's gift. OMG these are the most used in my closet. They match practically with EVERYTHING <3

Basically these are the shoes i own for now. Do you think this can be a good start? :P I hope so :P

Finally, two or three words before going dinner:
I decided that I NEED, desperately DESERVE a routine. So i bought this little notebook

To plan my whole day. Well, I truly HOPE this will help.

AAND! *Drum roll*
I bought FALSE EYELASHES! (Stil waiting for the glue BTW =.=)
[basic] Is something like my fav make up brand LOL.

Uhm, that's all for today. Sorry for talking about crap, I'll try to find some interesting topics every now and then.

Kisses _Candycane <3

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  1. OMG *________* il bambino è amoreeee <3<3
    le mie scarpe preferite sono le polacchine.
    sono amoreeeee <3 xD
    kisses_Chery Kiss

  2. @Chery Kiss:
    Son belle vero? *___* però ho il dubbio che mi siano grandi <.< diciamo che sono una gentile concessione di mia sorella <.< e lei ha il piedone xD

  3. ke puccio il bimbo!!! le mie scarpe preferite cono le nere cn le borchiette *_* troppo fighe!