mercoledì 28 dicembre 2011

All I want for Xmas...

Hi there! Just a photo post to show you my Xmas <3

 2.00 am just finished to place Xmasgifts <3

 *OMG WTH is happening here?!?* Sirio's astonished

 I love this pic **
My father was so happy!

It has been a beautiful christmas <3

venerdì 23 dicembre 2011

So little time, so much to do...

OMG I'm so sorry.
Lately I've been soooo busy with studying and going to school :/ I hope I'll manage to update my blog almost weekly from now on!
BTW I've a lot of cute news for you today!!

First of all, Today I went out with my Mom and Sis... XMAS shopping!!
I wanted to buy something cute for the new year's eve I'll pass with my Boyfriend <3

Here's what I got:
Dress, hair accessory, necklace and earrings, a lot of bracelets, light brown socks...and a funny hair shaper called "Il Fiocco".

It's so easy and fast to use and it shapes your hair so perfectly <3

My classmates organized a cute Christmas party for the last school day. It was my first class party, and also the first time I'm into a class photo YAY!

 Here I'm the one taking a photo, sitting on the desk :)
And here I'm the one in the far left with Santa's hat :)

I'm so happy!!!!! <3

I love you all! Happy christmas guys and girls <3

Kisses ~Candycane

giovedì 15 dicembre 2011


Ow! Here you are!! It has been a loooooong time sweeties <3
I just wanted to show you the lab where I attend my Photography classes, I LOVE it <3

 Some of my classmates chilling out during lessons (yeah, Professor's actually teaching the class xD You can see her on the left, gray hair, black shirt xD)
 OMG I missed the whiteboard <3
 FINALLY someone's working on something xD
 MacS everywhereeeeee!!!!

Our set <3

So, It's all for now. I'm so sorry but I've no free time lately :( I promise I'll post something during the weekend!

Kisses~ Candycane

martedì 6 dicembre 2011


As i promised, today I'm wearing gyaru style in class. Unfortuntely i didn't manage to find my lashes box ç___ç so i didn't wear any type of lashes at all.

I like me even without complete make up. Maybe because of the large amount of mascara I've been using for the whole day.

Today I wanted to look someway cute and fashionable at the same time; i got inspiration from high school uniforms (we don't wear them here in italy, except for rare cases) and i put on a tartan stamp skirt, a cute sweater, black pumps with a not~that~tall heel and a pair of parisienne that i let fall over the ankle to resemble japanese loose socks.

I'm still learning the style, but i really like this outfit <3

I love my classmates, (for now xD) they're all so cute and helpful!

My class:

That's all for today <3

Kisses ~Candycane

I'd also like to post here a new giveaway link <3


domenica 4 dicembre 2011

Back to school and news

I'm so sorry it took so long for the new post :(
I've been so busy lately as I just re-started with my old school (yep, I feel so old xD)

When I got pregnant I left school. It was the end of the first quarter, and I was attending the third year in the Art school in my town.
Now, three years later, I'm sitting again into a classroom, trying not to sleep during lessons. And this is making me feel so happy!
I'm attending the first year of "photograph, film and television" specialization, that lasts three years. I'll finish when I'll be 22 y.o. xD OMG I'm soooo old xD

Well, a couple of days ago I took my first class. It was so strange and also exciting in some way. I've not worn Gyaru style at school for now, to be honest, but is just because I've to get used to get up always the same hour, get ready and coming back home for lunch. I was planning to try wearing GS from tomorrow on, but I'm still not that sure.
Anyway, I cannot even find my lashes box, so I s'pose I'll wait untill I find it.
I'll probably take a vid, tomorrow at school, just to do something in my free time you know. <.<

Now, some updates!
I received a lot of goodies, in this period, including a lot of lashes (upper and lower) and some clothes. I also bought a stock of fake nails (my nails broke yesterday :( ) and a cellphone case (i love it!)
That day I went to the nearest shopping center with Larissa, to swap some christmas gifts and buy some cuties <3

 Here's me changing into a pair of trousers: I had to ride a bicycle to go home :P
 Me smoking out of the mall
Me trying to wear my new labret xD (I was suffering a lot as the hole was half healed)

The necklace I'm wearing in these photos (I know you can't see it) took me an entire afternoon to be crafted, but I LOVE it so much!

This is also a bad photo, I'm sorry :(

As I've to clean my room for now this is all. Tomorrow I'll surely write something more (If I'll manage to connect to School wi-fi).
I missed you so much :*

Kisses ~Candycane