martedì 6 dicembre 2011


As i promised, today I'm wearing gyaru style in class. Unfortuntely i didn't manage to find my lashes box ç___ç so i didn't wear any type of lashes at all.

I like me even without complete make up. Maybe because of the large amount of mascara I've been using for the whole day.

Today I wanted to look someway cute and fashionable at the same time; i got inspiration from high school uniforms (we don't wear them here in italy, except for rare cases) and i put on a tartan stamp skirt, a cute sweater, black pumps with a not~that~tall heel and a pair of parisienne that i let fall over the ankle to resemble japanese loose socks.

I'm still learning the style, but i really like this outfit <3

I love my classmates, (for now xD) they're all so cute and helpful!

My class:

That's all for today <3

Kisses ~Candycane

I'd also like to post here a new giveaway link <3


4 commenti:

  1. Aww cute!! I love wearing my school uniform outfit to school and glasses XD It makes me feel smart!! XDDD hahaha <3

  2. That's exactly the point, Okashi xD

  3. Are you wearing *that* nail polish?
    Is it good?

    (btw, this hairstyle looks good on you .. :3 ..)

  4. Yapp is *that* nail polish ** and I love it <3

    (Thx :*)