giovedì 20 ottobre 2011

Nightmares, Monsters and Memories

Lately I decided to sleep in the same room with my baby.
Did you know babies can have nightmares so early? I didn't. He wakes up in the middle of the night screaming my name, terrified, so I have to keep him with me.
I'm afraid he's going through a tough adapting period, at the nursery school... so I'm trying to stay close to him and make him feel I'll not leave him alone.
We're watching cartoons, right now :3 I gave him some dvds when i came back home yesterday and he's enjoying them SO much!
Cars is definitely his fav xD but also Monsters inc. is making him laugh :3 he's so cute!
Talking about yesterday, i went to my EX's appartement to clean up and I found a lot of old stuff :3
All my FANFICTIONS, my drawings and my beloved hat xD
Do you know what a MOLESKINA is? I use to write down notes for my FF in one of these:

My lovely FFbible xD I filled it with notes, timelines, ideas, and other stuff

As you can see is so messy in there xD

When I'll have more free time I'll update my "EFP" entries. I really miss my fanfictions :P

Kisses _Candycane

mercoledì 19 ottobre 2011


Hello everyone!
As my Baby boy started with the nursery, I had to give him a little bag to keep all his stuff (diapers, clothes etc) but, unfortunately, I was unable to find one :( so i decided to sew it by myself  ^^
My little baby boy's name is Sirio, so i made his bag with a lot of stars :3

First of all I chose two different type of fabric: Yellow PAN and two shades of Jeans.
Measures are 60x50cm :3

As you can see, the lighter shade of jeans was for shaping the "ocean waves" and the darker for the "night sky". Yellow PAN will come lately :3

After sewing jeans together, I added the string to close the bag :3 And here you are! But...huh, it's so empty and sad for a baby :/ let's make stars out of our yellow pan! <3

Time to decorate! I used some black wool and fabric colors :3

Shape the eyes of the little stars by using the black wool

 And then, drop a few color right near the eyes base like this:

By using a finger, gently tap on the color to make it look like the star is blushing :3

And you're done!
I glued the stars with Vinavil lol, maybe hot glue's better but also Vinavil will work :3

As the bag must contain a target with the name, I wrote his name on the biggest star by using blue fabric color <3 (and gold one to paint the shades)


Isn't it cute? <3

Kisses _Candycane

martedì 18 ottobre 2011

GIVEAWAY, updates and another epic fail =.=

So, Hi there!
So, Giveaways are raining, lately uhu?
Maybe I should do one too. Just to get some more followers. I don't really have something I don't want to keep so, I'll buy something just for my giveaway :*

Here you can find a cute giveaway! Juicy 500+ followers! GZ <3

So, here we are...another giveaway (that I'll not win, as usual)! This time the giveaway is sponsored by Shoppingholics so you can choose the lenses you want directly form their website.

Anyway. I retried my hair curlers, and it was a real DISASTER. Should I try by using hair mousse?
Lol, It's so embarassing. I feel like a total idiot xD

Kisses _Candycane

lunedì 17 ottobre 2011

2nd try, orders and updates

So....hi there! It has been a looong time!
Well well, tonight I'm trying my hair curlers again! This time I'll sleep with them on.
Yay, I feel soooo cute xD
Nope, I'm really a monster <.<

BTW, It's shopping time! <3
Few days ago I ordered a couple of things I'd like to show you!


Lol my exGF was placing ad order on a website called Jbox, and I decided to add these two things I longed for my whole life. I spent like 7€, including ss. I don't know when my package is going to be here but...I'm so excited!! 
To pay back her kindness i ordered an eyelashes box. And as I liked them sooooo much, I decided to buy a box for me too!

I also ordered a little gift for my BF :P but I'm afraid I'm not going to post it here xD

Have you already bought Christmas gifts??  I just started looking for all the gifts I want to buy.
Especially Eddie's ones. Sigh. But also for my BF and my exGF...without talking about my son and other friends. Damn, I'm so late.

Well G'nite for now <3 gotta sleep, tomorrow I'm sooo busy <3

Kisses _Candycane

venerdì 14 ottobre 2011

Spark giveaway!

My friend, Spark is organizing a giveaway! Take a look!

giovedì 13 ottobre 2011

First video review ever! xD

Okay, I'm sick. So please don't be so rude on my look.
Two days ago I received this package:

Lol, so safe package indeed. I ordered 12 hair sponges for keeping my curly hair... not that messy, let's say.

And so, here they are. 12 soft sponge curler ready for use!
What a waste: they didn't work at all.

My evaluation? is 1/5 for every category.

Sigh, I admit I didn't even know how to use them, but watching at barely a million of tutorials i Thought I could use them in the right way. :/ I'll try once again and tell you if it works!

Kisses _Candycane

domenica 9 ottobre 2011

It's raining GIVEAWAYs!!

Ow, It ends tomorrow **

C'mon GALS...don't be silly.

Okay, that's the second secret on ME and that's the SECOND FUC*ING TIME I'm accused of self posting.
Why in the world should i insult MYSELF? To get WHAT? FAME? SUCCESS? What for?
Being a Famous GAL? No, thanks. I love my anonymity for now.
C'mon girls i'm a WANNABE! I'm just asking for HELP, and I'm not hurting anyone!! Am I? Well, come HERE and tell me. You have my E-MAIL, you have my fuc*ing FACEBOOK PROFILE (the PRIVATE profile), you have my TWITTER... but you coward must post an image into a site I don't even check since last time me and Eddie posted a reply to the others secrets.
Well, funny huh?
Let me laugh at your worthlessness and stupidity because I'm trying to IMPROVE... and a stupid secret won't stop me. I'm not complaining for the image, i don't give a fuck as i know it's all true: I've a huge and horrible nose and my "fringe" <.< is bad cutted as i've no MONEY to go to an Hairdresser. So, well, i'm fixing it. But I CAN'T STAND when someone say I'M SELF POSTING. 
Please stop. PLEASE. I didn't do anything, and I don't want to fight anyone. I just want friends...please don't hate me, especially if you don't know me. At last TALK to me even ONCE before start hating me.

Sorry for bothering. _Candycane

sabato 8 ottobre 2011

Outfits,fever&new living room make Candy go GRAZY!

Hi there!
Today some workers went here to assemble the new living room my mom ordered a few months ago...finally!
I wasn't really satisfied when i first saw the living room in the catalogue, but now I really think it fits perfectly this house.

Ow, isn't this absolutely modern and stylish? I really like all those shades of violet and now that we filled it with all the stuff it's even better!

Lol today i thought about some outfits, to choose the one i'll put on in the video entry for SUZY's contest and that's what i came up with:

 I think this one is the fav as everyone told me to wear it xD (with the hat and some other accessories like a belt, jewelry and make up, obviously)
Uhm... yeah, i like it (except for the face, I'm feeling soo bad and i'm really really horrible by now xD) but i hate my legs ç___ç I'm so chubby ç___ç
Sob, This winter I want to lose weight to get ready for summer. I'd really like to put on bikini without being ashamed of my fat <.<

Well girls. Someone told me the new hairstyle doesn't fit me that good, so I'm wondering how to style my hair next time. Any suggestions?
I really like long hair so I think I'll let them grow!

Please, leave a comment with your opinions about how I can improve more!

Kisskiss _Candycane

martedì 4 ottobre 2011

Lower lashes FTW!

Hi there!
Today I'm showing you some photos of me. I had the whole morning child/parents-free so i started taking photos in the early morning, right after i woke up xD

 Lol, sorry for censoring face, I'm sooo ugly >.<
This is my hair right after i woke up. What a mess! xD
And THIS is my hair after a rapid combed.
I truly love pigtails, but i hate how they look on me, so today i tried them again, with gyaru makeup!

So, we are. Pigtails, make up, false eyelashes (bot and upper yay first time!!) and a new pair of earrings **
I'm so proud of it ** even if i know no one likes me like this xD well. I LIKE me this way. I feel so beautiful right now U.U I'd like to know where i need to improve or where i'm wrong...! I feel like i'm improving day by day, and I want to get better and better! So please help me!!

C U soon <3
Thanks for making me feel beautiful every day!

lunedì 3 ottobre 2011

Nursery and bicycle

Today was Sirio's first day at nursery. We left home at 8.30 and i rode my bike from my town to the nursery school and back. Sirio's not used to stay still on his bicycle seat so it's very difficult and tiring for me to ride for more than 4km. I'm so tired :(
However, he enjoyed his time at school so much that i struggled to take him away xD Poor child, he cried the whole time on the way back home!!
Tomorrow i'll stay at home, sleeping until i want to (OMG, finally!) and Sirio will go to school with his grandma! Maybe I should get up early and film my entry to Suzy's contest? SUZY'S CONTEST FOR ITALIAN GALS
I crafted bottom lashes by following OKASHI's TUTORIAL just for this video!
Talking about Gyaru fashion, I found this GYARU MEME (OMG Gyaru meme?!) to fill with some photo and see how much I improve monthly. i'll surely do it! <3 Maybe you should too!

kisses! _Candycane

Last note!

Tonight I dreamed about me putting extensions on. Lol i truly miss long hair :/