giovedì 20 ottobre 2011

Nightmares, Monsters and Memories

Lately I decided to sleep in the same room with my baby.
Did you know babies can have nightmares so early? I didn't. He wakes up in the middle of the night screaming my name, terrified, so I have to keep him with me.
I'm afraid he's going through a tough adapting period, at the nursery school... so I'm trying to stay close to him and make him feel I'll not leave him alone.
We're watching cartoons, right now :3 I gave him some dvds when i came back home yesterday and he's enjoying them SO much!
Cars is definitely his fav xD but also Monsters inc. is making him laugh :3 he's so cute!
Talking about yesterday, i went to my EX's appartement to clean up and I found a lot of old stuff :3
All my FANFICTIONS, my drawings and my beloved hat xD
Do you know what a MOLESKINA is? I use to write down notes for my FF in one of these:

My lovely FFbible xD I filled it with notes, timelines, ideas, and other stuff

As you can see is so messy in there xD

When I'll have more free time I'll update my "EFP" entries. I really miss my fanfictions :P

Kisses _Candycane

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