martedì 4 ottobre 2011

Lower lashes FTW!

Hi there!
Today I'm showing you some photos of me. I had the whole morning child/parents-free so i started taking photos in the early morning, right after i woke up xD

 Lol, sorry for censoring face, I'm sooo ugly >.<
This is my hair right after i woke up. What a mess! xD
And THIS is my hair after a rapid combed.
I truly love pigtails, but i hate how they look on me, so today i tried them again, with gyaru makeup!

So, we are. Pigtails, make up, false eyelashes (bot and upper yay first time!!) and a new pair of earrings **
I'm so proud of it ** even if i know no one likes me like this xD well. I LIKE me this way. I feel so beautiful right now U.U I'd like to know where i need to improve or where i'm wrong...! I feel like i'm improving day by day, and I want to get better and better! So please help me!!

C U soon <3
Thanks for making me feel beautiful every day!

6 commenti:

  1. bravissima candy..mi piace molto il tutto ^^ mi piace molto la 1a e la 3a foto ^^ ps. la prossima volta io cercherei di mettere in dentro la fine della frangetta nei lati xke altrimenti coi codini dà l'effetto scopettone XD (nn è una critica eh è che secondo me staresti molto meglio XD )

  2. Nono hai ragione xD ho messo le prime due foto proprio per mostrare quanto sono stronzi i miei capelli xD xD

  3. you look pretty!!! but mayb straighten out the bangs?? like keep them together instead of lettin them flare out. it looks like a really bad fake hair piece when i see that.

  4. Lol i made them flare out on purpose xD

  5. @Dunia
    Ow thanks! **
    I'm trying so hard!