lunedì 17 ottobre 2011

2nd try, orders and updates

So....hi there! It has been a looong time!
Well well, tonight I'm trying my hair curlers again! This time I'll sleep with them on.
Yay, I feel soooo cute xD
Nope, I'm really a monster <.<

BTW, It's shopping time! <3
Few days ago I ordered a couple of things I'd like to show you!


Lol my exGF was placing ad order on a website called Jbox, and I decided to add these two things I longed for my whole life. I spent like 7€, including ss. I don't know when my package is going to be here but...I'm so excited!! 
To pay back her kindness i ordered an eyelashes box. And as I liked them sooooo much, I decided to buy a box for me too!

I also ordered a little gift for my BF :P but I'm afraid I'm not going to post it here xD

Have you already bought Christmas gifts??  I just started looking for all the gifts I want to buy.
Especially Eddie's ones. Sigh. But also for my BF and my exGF...without talking about my son and other friends. Damn, I'm so late.

Well G'nite for now <3 gotta sleep, tomorrow I'm sooo busy <3

Kisses _Candycane

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