sabato 8 ottobre 2011

Outfits,fever&new living room make Candy go GRAZY!

Hi there!
Today some workers went here to assemble the new living room my mom ordered a few months ago...finally!
I wasn't really satisfied when i first saw the living room in the catalogue, but now I really think it fits perfectly this house.

Ow, isn't this absolutely modern and stylish? I really like all those shades of violet and now that we filled it with all the stuff it's even better!

Lol today i thought about some outfits, to choose the one i'll put on in the video entry for SUZY's contest and that's what i came up with:

 I think this one is the fav as everyone told me to wear it xD (with the hat and some other accessories like a belt, jewelry and make up, obviously)
Uhm... yeah, i like it (except for the face, I'm feeling soo bad and i'm really really horrible by now xD) but i hate my legs ç___ç I'm so chubby ç___ç
Sob, This winter I want to lose weight to get ready for summer. I'd really like to put on bikini without being ashamed of my fat <.<

Well girls. Someone told me the new hairstyle doesn't fit me that good, so I'm wondering how to style my hair next time. Any suggestions?
I really like long hair so I think I'll let them grow!

Please, leave a comment with your opinions about how I can improve more!

Kisskiss _Candycane

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