mercoledì 19 ottobre 2011


Hello everyone!
As my Baby boy started with the nursery, I had to give him a little bag to keep all his stuff (diapers, clothes etc) but, unfortunately, I was unable to find one :( so i decided to sew it by myself  ^^
My little baby boy's name is Sirio, so i made his bag with a lot of stars :3

First of all I chose two different type of fabric: Yellow PAN and two shades of Jeans.
Measures are 60x50cm :3

As you can see, the lighter shade of jeans was for shaping the "ocean waves" and the darker for the "night sky". Yellow PAN will come lately :3

After sewing jeans together, I added the string to close the bag :3 And here you are! But...huh, it's so empty and sad for a baby :/ let's make stars out of our yellow pan! <3

Time to decorate! I used some black wool and fabric colors :3

Shape the eyes of the little stars by using the black wool

 And then, drop a few color right near the eyes base like this:

By using a finger, gently tap on the color to make it look like the star is blushing :3

And you're done!
I glued the stars with Vinavil lol, maybe hot glue's better but also Vinavil will work :3

As the bag must contain a target with the name, I wrote his name on the biggest star by using blue fabric color <3 (and gold one to paint the shades)


Isn't it cute? <3

Kisses _Candycane

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  1. oddio che brava *__________________* bravissima davvero!

  2. Aaah che cosa dolce ♥ Ed è anche carinissimo, che brava!

  3. E' troppo bella e tu sei proprio una mamma coi fiocchi ciccina, davvero!

  4. ** oddio quanti complimenti ** grazie!!