lunedì 3 ottobre 2011

Nursery and bicycle

Today was Sirio's first day at nursery. We left home at 8.30 and i rode my bike from my town to the nursery school and back. Sirio's not used to stay still on his bicycle seat so it's very difficult and tiring for me to ride for more than 4km. I'm so tired :(
However, he enjoyed his time at school so much that i struggled to take him away xD Poor child, he cried the whole time on the way back home!!
Tomorrow i'll stay at home, sleeping until i want to (OMG, finally!) and Sirio will go to school with his grandma! Maybe I should get up early and film my entry to Suzy's contest? SUZY'S CONTEST FOR ITALIAN GALS
I crafted bottom lashes by following OKASHI's TUTORIAL just for this video!
Talking about Gyaru fashion, I found this GYARU MEME (OMG Gyaru meme?!) to fill with some photo and see how much I improve monthly. i'll surely do it! <3 Maybe you should too!

kisses! _Candycane

Last note!

Tonight I dreamed about me putting extensions on. Lol i truly miss long hair :/

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