martedì 27 settembre 2011

Hate, Rosik and a lot of NERD stuff

Damn VG.
I'm going mad.
My ex BF gave me this videogame I was fancying for, for my birthday (very early huh?) and today I tried to install it.
The VG is "Alice, Madness Returns". I was planning to review the game on this blog, just cuz i think lots of you would like it (hell, yeah it's a wicked version of Alice in wonderland, lol).
I played the first episode LOOOONG ago (don't even remember when) and I liked it really much <3 

Except, obviously, for the graphic (lol that's awful compared to the games of this year xD but we're talking about ELEVEN years ago... OMG I was only 10 **) I loved the game plot and all characters, especially the Chesire cat. You can see it in the image, isn't he... WONDERFUL?

Shortly after the "Through the looking glass" Alice adventure, her house is burnt down in a fire (caused by the cat LOL) killing her parents and making her lose her mind. We find her into an asylum (O___o) with the only company of a stuffed white rabbit (LOLOL) rapidly loosing touch with reality. Her deviated mind, unfortunately, affected the wonderland, and she's the only one to save it.

Isn't it AMAZING? I sincerely loved to play it as it isn't a traditional "survival horror" nor an "action-advenure" but a real puzzle to solve step by step by using all you skills.
Enemies are brilliants and location are just perfect. Even the musics are perfectly combined with the dark ambience floating all over the game.

I strongly recommend it <3

That's all for today! If i'll manage to make the game run on my pc I'll surely post some screenshots and advices for you!

Kiss kiss _Candycane

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