venerdì 23 settembre 2011

.jpg challenge!

Have you ever tried to type ".jpg" in your computer's "search box"?
Well, I can assure you that's the funniest thing you can do when you've nothing to do ^^
You can see your life through the photos saved on your pc... memories, bad days, happy days, family photos, funny images you lost and yes, even things you'd like not to remember.
But that's it. I typed the magic word and that's what came up:

That's a bad memory. Well, I wanted to commit suicide that day. I took a train to the nearest town on the sea to jump into the water. When I arrived I saw this wonderful view and I started crying. I took my cellphone and shoot this 3 photos to remind me life can be beautiful even if it's an awful period.
I had totally forgotten this since today.

I had a relationship with a girl, some years ago, and even if it finished in a really bad way, I still think that she's been the most important partner of my life (until now). We used to write MMS each others, sending cutie pics we took at drawings and crafts made by ourselves. It was so sweet <3

My dog, Moody, and his first snowfall \(^o^)/
This is the place where I used to live when I was like 11 years old. I miss this place :/ I like woods and nature, rivers and, I suffered a little when I moved into the "city".

 Sirio cosplaying "Nike" from Guruguru

 First birthday!
 The day we came back to my parent's place
 10 days old Sirio and his father

 Sirio's first attempt to crawl ^^

Sirio sleeping... my cutie boy <3

Well, it's almost 1.00 am, so i think i should go to bed.
Tomorrow I'll finish with my ".jpg challenge"...but I'm curious to see your own!!

kisses _Candycane

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  1. aaw great idea!!
    i'll try this on my next post ^^
    is ur baby¿? *-*

  2. oh gosh sweetie ; _ ; sirio is OUR cutie boy! è_é

  3. @ピンク
    Yep ^^ He's my baby ^^
    ** I'll surely read your post!

    @Chey: BWahahahaha Crescerà gyaru-deviato xD