giovedì 15 settembre 2011

On my way for the wedding....... of a friend :P

Ow, tomorrow I'll start to set all things ready for this huge but friendly (Thx God) wedding plan. **
So excited!
I'll be baking the wedding cake ^^' Three layer wedding cake, covered with green sugar glaze and white sugar roses :3
Oow It will take veeery long time :/

As for gyaru, I'm waiting for two or three packages, two from China and one from England! And tonight i ordered 12 soft hair curler made of sponge :3 I only payed them $4 without shipping feed **
I'll surely try them and put some photos!

Maybe I should start doing some reviews? :3 (surely I'd have some more followers <.<)

Well, bye for now. I'll be back Monday and surely post photos of the event!

Kisses _Candycane <3

If you don't mind to "like" this photo of mine for the contest I'd be grateful ç__ç i really need circle lenses ç___ç

You can vote by clicking HERE <3

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  1. voted you already. btw, I'll soon hosting a circle lens giveaway too ^^ hope you'll be entering =D

  2. @Lina
    I'll enter surely! <3 Thanks for telling meh **