sabato 3 settembre 2011

_Something about me_

Hi there! Today I'd like to tell you more about meeeh!
So, where to start? I'm 19 years old, almost 20; My birthdate is 20/11 (Scorpion).
My blood type is 0, positive, and I've seen it a lot of times (LOL) as I'm in poor health (It's so easy for me to get sick).
I'm 1,53 mt tall and that's really a curse where I live as I'm almost always the shortest girl among the presents. My hair is dark blonde (now clearer than usual as I spent some month with platinum blonde hair dye) and my eyes are blue. I'm in love with the shade of my eyes as it changes along with weather so I never have the same color <3
I've no occupation for now, except of being a mommy :)
My son is 2 y-old as I gave birth to him when I was 17. Officially I'm a single parent, but I'm building a relationship with a guy I met long ago thanks to my ex boyfriend.
Here's my baby and me:

As I've become a mommy so early, I didn't finish school. Not that I couldn't, ya know, but my schoolmates were so rude on me and I didn't feel like spending more time near them while pregnant.
When I told my parents I was going to have a baby they just went mad and kick literally me out of their home. Leaving me with my (now ex) boyfriend and a baby to grow up alone.
When finally Sirio, that's the name, arrived they calmed down and five months ago, I came back to my parents house.

As for Gyaru style, I know I've a lot of practice to do, before calling myself a gyaru, but I want to say a few words:
Since I started with gyaru fashion I feel better with myself. I look into the mirror and see a cute girl. I smile, at last, and even if I'm not happy all the time, I feel something is changing. Being a part of a community (even if criticized,full of strife, enmity and envy) it's wonderful. I've never had a friend... but I strongly hope to find one here, in the Gyaru community. Italian or foreign, what's the matter?
Kiss Kiss _Candycane

Last note!

No matter what you are going through, always SMILE! Smile and make other people smile with you. A smile can save a life. And smiling can save your life too.


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  1. Ciao Candy grazie per esserti unita alla mia pagina mi fa davvero piacere, tra l'altro, aver trovato un'altra gal mama italiana! ;)