mercoledì 14 settembre 2011

Sick and Fuc*ing tired

Well, just posting cuz' It's passing too much time <.<
Today I went to the hospital, well, Stress and me aren't friends at all.
When I get stressed I start being sick. I faint, I have stomachache, Headache, I cannot sleep, I cannot eat.
Well thanks to some... let's say... unpleasant events... I passed the last 8 fuc*ing hours in an Emergency ward, crying on me being so pity.

Well, I've to admit that something funny actually happened. When Sirio and I entered the Hospital, Sirio dropped some fruit juice on his t-shirt and hat to take it off.
The nurse borrowed him a LARGE t-shirt and he looked like this the whole day:

 BEFORE getting the t-shirt (Playing in the DHroom)
 He was so tired little cutie :( 
Lol he was sooo funny with this t-shirt xD

Hope to get well soon <3


2 commenti:

  1. Spero che tu possa stare meglio il prima possibile T__T
    Sirio è bellissimo pucciottolo lui *ama*

  2. Sirio è uno dei bambini più belli del mondo cavolo! Trovo che ti somigli tantissimo :) - sayu