mercoledì 31 agosto 2011

~Shopping with my sis~

Today my sister and I went to the nearby town for shopping. It was really a long time \(°O°)/
We didn't have much money so we just hang around for a couple of hours buying stupid and useless things (^_^')

Like I was saying, we went to town in the early morning, to buy (officially) a pair of jeans. You can't imagine how finding a f**king pair of jeans can be though. I was looking for some skinny jeans, the kind of trousers that U use with boots, to be clear.
Here's what I found:

These are a pair of elastic jeans, really comfortable instead but not what I was truly looking for. Guess where did I find them? In a CHINESE SHOP. I was in a huge Mall and i was unable to find a pair of skinny jeans. That's Italy, people. (=_=')
Despite of all this I was really glad to find out “decoden for cellphone” has finally landed in my town. I immediately bought a lot of them, and AT LAST decored my beloved cellphone!

And my mouse (teh-eh-eh):

Furthermore, when I came back home, i found a package waiting for me in the kitchen! It was a miniskirt i ordered on Ebay just two or three days ago! I was truly surprised of finding it already, since i was waiting for it coming the 7th of September! \(^w^)/ Yay! 

Now I'm just waiting for my false eyelashes' glue, maybe I should stop buying for now (^_^')

Here's a couple of photos me an my sister took while hanging around with nothing to do! Enjoy <3

 This woman was really REALLY scarying (O__O)

 Me at the bus station, waiting for the coach to home.

 My sister acting weird (>_>)

What a lovely day! 

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  1. bellissime foto! ke sei magra :D troppo carine le cose ke hai comprato!