sabato 7 gennaio 2012

TAGS and photos

I've just been tagged in Sana's post. I don't really know how does this work LOL but I'll try u.u
Okay so, you have to write 11 facts about you and answer 11 question that I'll write down here, enjoy my facts and answers too!!


1.What or who inspired you for blogging?
I always wanted to open a blog, but Ecchan and all Italian gyarus helped me. 
2.What's your occupation?
Photography Student and also mom <3
3.What's your hobby besides blogging?
Drawing, singing, writing, people.
4.What kind of music do you listen to?
Almost every kind. But I cannot stand the kind of music my BF listend to. How unfortunate xD
5.What's your goal for life?
I just want to...well, be happy. More or less. I don't want a perfect life, with perfect house, perfect husband, perfect children etc etc. I just want a house, a husband and some children. I cannot pretend to be always happy, but this can be a good start <3 As for now I'm going for the graduation.
6.If you could turn back time,what would your want to change in your life?
I would not start a particular relationship.
7.What's the type of guy you like?
Clever, cultured, just a little childish.
8.What's the thing you like the most about blogging?
Talking 'bout My life, express myself <3
9.What's your fav food?
Spaghetti *A*
10.Do you have any sibling?
A sister.
11.What would you prefer dogs or cats?
I prefer cats, but I'm a kindred spirit with dogs xD
11 people I will tag
As I don't know so much blogger, I'll just tag eleven of my followers ^^' I'll write a comment under your last post to inform you all <3


1) It was raining when I was born :) maybe that's the reason why I love rain <3
2) When I was a child, I was deeply convinced that I was an alien u.u And that one day my fellow would have come to take me home.
3) I've Lots of scars. I've one on my hand. One of my ex did it.
4) Usually I go to bed after 2.00 am. Gotta study :/
5) I'm attending a photography school in my town <3
6) I spent my last birthday at home, all alone xD My boyfriend took me out for dinner the following weekend.
7) My first best friend was a boy, we never fell in love with each other, but we lost contact and never looked for each other again.
8) My fav song is "Figlio della luna" by Mecano. I love ballads, and legends. And this song remind me of an error of mine.
9) You know that me and my BF DO NOT have a couple song? That's...weird xD
10) I like people. And their stories. I made this blog just to talk to ppl and read about them...that's why I'm so sad when I see nobody writes nothing >.<

1) Ask your parents. What was the weather like when you was born?
2) Tell me something funny about your childhood.
3) Any scars? How did U get them?
4) At what time do you usually go to bed? Why?
5) Are you attending a school? Or do you work? Tell me about your occupation <3
6) Where and how did you celebrate your last birthday?
7) Tell me about your first best friend.
8) Fav song? Why?
9) Your couple song?
10) What do you like the most?
11) Tag 11 ppl <3

NOW! Some photos <3
Fot the new year's eve I went in Tarcento. Unfortunately I don't have photo of the "party". But I've a couple of photos of the days before it ^^

 Outfit and make up for the departure day.

 Tarja and Me <3
 Two of my best friends: Karin and Loky. We know each other since middle school time <3
 Karin and Me 

                      Loky asked me to draw a tattoo for her ^^ and here's what I came up with :)

That's all for today <3 Happy holidays <3

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  1. Woah,you're already a mom!?You still look very young.
    And thank you for doing the tag also ^ ^

  2. Oh thank you for the tag. I go to answer now to questions ! I'm very sorry, i didn't see your tag... I edit my new update to write your questions.

    Thank you sweety <3. Kisses !

  3. oh this is all interesting (:, also wow.. your drawing is amazing!
    CMPang x