giovedì 9 febbraio 2012

One month already~

Ow, I'm so sorry, I swear!
I've been so busy with school and baby that I forgot updating here >.<
How have you been??
OMG this has been quite an awful phase for me. I ended up sleeping 2h a night, studying all day long, never seeing my boyfriend but it looks like I did it! No bad marks at all!
NOW I'd like to restart with my life and Gyaru style, as I don't want to stop before even starting.
Yesterday or the day before, I found a cute challenge for facebook, but I'd like to post it also here so you can do it yourself and let me see what happens <3

Day 1 - A photo of you and 10 fact about yourself.

This is quite an old photo O.o

1_ I LOVE cooking. Most of all I love to serve: I think a good presentation is as valuable as the taste of the meal itself.
2_ I'm ambidextrous, but by choice. Since I was a little girl I practiced writing with both hands.
3_ I prefer spaghetti over all different types of pasta. And I far prefer thin spaghetti.
4_ While traveling on public transport, I get paranoid. I choose carefully the place to sit on so I can escape in case of emergency, and every time the doors open, I check the passengers leaving and entering the bus/train.
5_ I've a lot of tics: I rub my hands, play with my hair, bite my lips, eat my nails...people always think I'm a restless soul xD
6_ I consider myself a fairly smart and intelligent girl, but I'm afraid of learning anything new. Like driving.
7_ I've absolutely NO TALENT for dates and names. One thing I'm good at is, shockingly, remembering alphanumeric codes.
8_ I'm so jealous. Not because I do not trust people I love... just because I consider myself insignificant, so that people can easily abandon me. Anytime, anyplace whitout remorse.
9_ My son and my boyfriend are my life. I live just because they exist. I'm happy when they're happy, I'm sad when they're sad.
10_ I'm quite terrified of being forgotten once I'm dead. So I'd like to do something remarkable...just to be remembered.

My time's over for now. I'll soon do an outfit post, as I received a lot of cutie things for christmas :)

Kisses ~Candycane

2 commenti:

  1. You must be tired having to study and raise your baby at the same time.I used to want to have baby at young age but then I realized that it'd be tiring if we're not ready...but I think I'm still jealous of you somehow XD

    I really want to see you doing gyaru style ^ ^

  2. I'm afraid we'll both have to wait >.< I really need to loose weight >.<

    BTW thanks :) having a baby at such a young age is surely tough, but also shockingly satisfying :)