giovedì 16 febbraio 2012

YAY funny day ♥

Didn't manage to wake up early, as expected xD
I lost the bus, so I had to cycle from my house to school. And back. PHEW.
AND I was dressed in loli. With circle lenses. A TRUE HELL.

BTW, It was really a great day We ate a lot of sweets, danced, sang lots of songs!! Here's my outfit!!

Sorry for the bad photo :/ I'll upload some more photos when my friends will send them to me.


I'll wait for the other pic for another post 

Kisses ~Candycane

2 commenti:

  1. cute photo and your outfit is adorable!
    CMPang x

  2. Your outfits is really pretty!!
    I wish I had bought some of lolita dresses before I gave up cosplaying XD