mercoledì 15 febbraio 2012

Midnight thoughts ~

Hi there everyone!!
Tomorrow I'll restart school! Again!
Ohmygod, A lot of *restarting* this year. I'm *starting* and *restarting* a lot of things, and also *quitting* and *pausing* lots of other things. I feel like an old vhs player ahahahaha ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ
Wanna see a Pic of me right now??
Here I am!!

Hahaha funny huh? о(ж>▽<)o
My whole face is covered with flour+honey+lemon juice! Yuk ∑(-x-;)
I was wondering how people would look at me if I'd hang around with all this on. It would be weird γ(▽´ )ツ

Today is... no wait, YESTERDAY was st.Valentine's day! Lovers day! How lovely day's lovers day! Lot of love in the air!
I helped my lil sis making heart shaped chocolates for his BF how cute 
I stayed at home, instead of going out or so. That's ok, I wasn't feeling good so I'd probably say no even if I had the possibility. :) However, I use to love my BF even when it's not st.Valentine's day, ya know :) like everyone I suppose xD

My nails are growing back! YAY! (‐^▽^‐)Finally! I was very sad when they broke ( p_q)o

I decided to follow SANA 's advice and don't stop with gyaru! In fact, tomorrow I'll wake up early and put on Gyaru make up and hairstyle! Finally I'm feeling great!

Well, It's so late...I think I'm going to sleep (°∀°)b 

Kisses ~Candycane

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  1. I'm glad you took my advice XD
    I'm also looking forward to see your gyaru style ^w^