domenica 12 febbraio 2012

3rd day without a single smoke~

Tomorrow It'll be the 4th.
I heard the 3rd day is the toughest, let's see.
I'm so tired, so I quit smoking. I'm already putting on weight. About 4 kg in a month: Quitting smoke makes you fat.
OMG, I'm so sad. I already removed sweets, fried and junk from my diet. What can I do now? I've no time to do sports. I've the school and my baby who takes away a lot of time...
Even my BF noticed I'm fatter. I really don't know what to do.

As I'm getting fatter, I'm taking a break from Gyaru style. You know. I cannot stand Fat girls wearing shorts and mini skirts, so I won't join the *UNKNOWINGLY FAT ARMY*.
Now, I'm officially on a diet. See you soon, Gyaru style.

I'll keep blogging, though :)


1 commento:

  1. Well,I don't really know what to do either and I never had a successful diet = =;
    But I still continue on doing gyaru anyway coz I love it XD
    I think you can still find the clothes that looks good on you no matter how much you weigh anyway.
    btw,hope you could quit smoking,it'd be good for your own health.