domenica 4 marzo 2012

News post~ secrets and thoughts!

Oh my gosh, what a tiring period!

About a two weeks ago I was at school, during P.E. class, playing volleyball, when I started to feel pain. My wrist was rapidly swelling and turning black.
Guess what? A Micro~fracture. LOL. Srsly. I broke my wrist playing volleyball. I didn't fall, I didn't had a sprain. I broke my wrist just playing normally.
That's pathetic, don't U think?

Me and my *beloved* bandage

Anyway! If you didn't notice, I deactivated my FB account. If you're one of my friends on FB, and You didn't receive any PM (didn't have the time srry o(TωT ) ) don't worry! I just wanted some more peace while studying, as lately I ended up on some secrets and I started receiving a lot of PM....I'll be back!
As for the secret. LOL, please. That's the third. Just...why the hell are you talking about me? xD
I'm asking for advices, help and so on; I never considered myself a "Gyaru" and YEAH, that's because I'm totally aware of my failure.
Do you think I'm doing something wrong? That's the reason why I'm keeping a blog. I want, and NEED advices. If you see something wrong with my look, TELL ME.

Ha! Right! Did U know I filled my "Gyaru Improvement meme"?? That's just the first year, so I'm not expecting to see a real change, but I think It'll be funny to look at it, in the future, and laugh at my strong, pathetic passion xD I can already look at my old pics and see all the mistake I did.

Here's the meme:

LOL I began with the first month/pic not looking like a total idiot.
As you already know, my first Gyaru attempt was this one:

It's dated back to June 2011, the 6th.
I had just found out an Italian Gyaru forum called *Gyaru wardrobe*, and I was so excited! When I noticed that I had the permission to post in the *outfit* section, I immediately began to look for a coord.
Damn, I felt so stylish xD
When I first published a video:

I was so damn sure that I was wearing rokku style!!
Then I ended up on the first secret:

They all thought I was self~posting, And I had a really bad time as I lost a lot of friends, in the Italian gal comm.
Thank you, OP.
Some weeks later...
Okay, that's fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucking annoying. What about just comment my blog AND link me some nose contouring tutorialsss?? Cannot understand.
Oh, thanks to this particular secret, I fought my BF. He wanted me out of all the Gyaru thing, cuz He noticed I was truly hurted by all those secrets.

Last but not least!

BUH! *evil laugh* Ruuun!! Run for your lives!
Oh, c'mon... xD

Just...WRITE. I always tell you to reply, to comment, to give advices.
And, as you can see, I always, always take them. Like the fringe. Lots of you told me to remove it, and OHMYGOSH, I removed it!

So, yeah, please...just...write down here.

...I thnk I wrote too much, for today :P so...Bye!


2 commenti:

  1. Well,I don't understand why ppl being so cruel on you.I mean everyone wasn't born a professional gyaru.Some of them have gained many exp while some of them are just began.
    Well,at least,trust me I've seen a lot and you're not the worst.
    To tell the truth,not every experienced gyaru looks good.So you cannot just follow the pattern everyone is doing,sometimes you have to create your own way of doing it.There might be some failure but finally you learn and improve :D

    Anyway,I think it seems like you're getting younger and younger when time goes by on your gyaru meme XD

  2. maddai come si fanno a fare certe immagini xD non ho parole. sto iniziando ad avere paura di tutti i vari mondi esistenti, ovunque sono pronti a ferirti senza scrupoli xD eppure pensavo che condividere una passione fosse pace e amore fratelli °A°