mercoledì 4 aprile 2012

Animation class ♥

Hi Everybody!!
We finally began Animation lessons 
I'm so happy ^.^ As I love animes a lot, I decided to draw an anime~like gag, CLAMP inspired!
Anyway, while drawing all the sketches I need to develop my animation (professor asked for a video lasting about 1 minute) I took some photos xD

Me and a classmate (Abel, the one who gave me the sketchbook)

While I was drawing, a classmate suddently assaulted me and drew an emoticon on my hand xD

Love from SCHOOL 

Easter holidays finally began! From tomorrow 'till wednesday, the 11th, I'll be home! I'll go visit my boyfriend in his hometown, about three or four days, i think. It's the first time I sleep at his place, I'm so  excited and also thrilled >w<
(I'm actually listening to "MJ's Thriller" LOL)

Oh, right! Did I tell you today is one year of relationship with my BF 

(Cit. my sister: sdfghjuytfvbnmefgbnoijdhehb)<---My sis actually stole me the keyboard (=#)3=)

Like I was saying (typing) Today It's an year.
We're having really good and also really bad time, but I know that if we're strong, nothing can divide us.

LOL my sis and I are listening to Craig David right now >.<
My fav song is this, no doubt:

But I love also lots of other Craig's songs <3

well, I gotta go, my sis's longing for my pc :')

Kisses~ Candycane

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