lunedì 14 novembre 2011

Agepoyo Honic!

Recently I joined this Gyaru-sa, and I'm so happy!
They're (WE're OMG **) Agepoyo Honic! gyaru-sa, the first Gyaru-sa founded here in Italy. Of course there are plenty of them by now, and most of them are full of beautiful ppl ** like my lovely ECCHAN who's into NYAKORA Gyaru-sa ^^
I wanted to join AGEPOYO HONIC! because they were the ones who helped me starting with gyaru fashion and also they are all so sweet and kind to me :D

So, here we are! I've a lot of projects I'd like to carry out with them all ** And I hope I'll start soon! As for now, I'm so motivated and happy to be a part of such a beautiful circle and I'll do everything i can to help the gyaru-sa >.<

Oh my, I'd like to tell you all the ideas I have... to share with you all my project... just to know if it's worth doing all this work. but I CAN'T >.<

Just to write some more shit, I tried to fill my "Gyaru improvement meme" for like three months. Maybe one day I'll manage to finish it xD as for now, I'm posting my first "gyaru addicted" photos and the last "wannabe gyaru" images xD just to show you the difference:

 OMG first attempt at all :°D I posted it only on a forum It's so funny xD

 I'd just like to say that before this, I didn't even try to put on some make up. I'm a total newbie :D

These photos were taken in late April. 8 months passed already *A* 

I see some improvement here o.o

Late September, New haircut. My nails finally gets to a proper length xD

 4th of November. I finally start to call myself a proper wannabe.

I hope to get better and better... and you? what do you say? Am I a good wannabe?? **

Kisses ~Candycane

3 commenti:

  1. The last two pics are totally gal! the above are well... mehish

  2. Diventi sempre più bella!!

    Quello che ti consiglierei è di provare un altro tipo di frangia, credo che quella dritta e larga non ti valorizzi abbastanza!

  3. mamma mia candy XD hai fatto davvero una gran evoluzione XD