domenica 13 novembre 2011

Tractors Festival (Yeah xD)

Candy's back with a new useless post! <3
Today In my little town Tractors' Festival took place in the morning.
My little baby boy, Sirio, loves them soo much so we went there. He was so happy!!

He enjoyed especially green ones (He has a green toy tractor) and my sister (who's attending an agricultural school) explained him a lot of things. We had a great time xD

 So huge wheel o.o

 Danger! Contortionists ahead!

 My sis and my dog Moody :3 

What a nice day! ( ^ __ ^ )/

I noticed I didn't say anything about Halloween (yeah, I'm pretty late) but I found out the only photo left of the day is this one:
And I hate it.
The lashes' shadow make me look like I've huge dark circles D:
OHMY I don't want to publish it anymore D:

( > w < ) Next week It'll be my birthday! 20 years old, at last.
I'm so excited, and also... worried. Don't know what I'll do that day, or where will I be.

Bye for now ( > w < ) 

Kisses ~Candycane

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