giovedì 17 novembre 2011

Out, finally!

Yesterday morning My friend Chiara and I went out for a day of shopping and relax.
She needed an hair dye and bought some books (I didn't know Inheritance was out already!) and I recharged my postepay to buy some horror Dvds online.
While hanging out her bag broke and we were forced to stop and sew it >.<

I drank something like 6 cups of coffee x)
We talked a lot about school time, when we used to hang out more often... it was really a relaxing day!

She injured her thumb while sewing the bag >.< 

I had never worn Gyaru style in Udine, and I noticed a lot of ppl staring at me during the day, it was so funny >.<
As i was wearing so high heels, my feet began to hurt so early, but I didn't care that much: I was having a lot of fun!!

Make up of the day ( ^ __ ^ )/

I truly don't know how you girl have so much photos of you days out! We barely had the time to talk!

I finally managed to wear more than two colors ( > _ < ) It's a problem for me since I just began with wearing "girly" outfits, so I'm really proud of it! xD
Here's the complete outfit:

What a nice day >.<

Kisses ~Candycane

7 commenti:

  1. Amo gli scaldamuscoli ;_; li voglio anche io!
    BTW il trucco ti sta bene *_* ci piace XDDDD

  2. Dimmi che azzurro_bianco_marronebeigeleopardato è un accostamento decente >.< perchè io ero in panico >.<

    Btw li ho presi su taobao a NIENTE (li avevo chiesti neri...e non so perchè mi sono arrivati bianchi. Ma di solito se ordino qualche capo di un colore non sono mai veramente convinta...quindi è quasi un bene che arrivi roba sbagliata xD)

  3. you look way better without fringe den you are with bangs 8D
    If your heels are hurting you within a short time of wearing it, maybe they are not suitable? It could be because the heels are thin, get those thicker ones with more support, you would enjoy better~

  4. These are not boots :) These are pumps covered with furry leg warmers <3