venerdì 18 novembre 2011

B-day Goodies!

FIRST surprise of the day! I was having my breakfast when the postman rang the bell and... TADAAAM!
My birthday present from my lovely friend Miro <3 OHMYGOD Miro I love them so much!!! >_< I was so happy when I first saw the CDs that I began jumping here and there foolishly xD
You are so sweet >.< And I hope I can do something to pay you back >.<

I also received some other gifts from another friend of mine AND the DVDs I ordered last time i went out **. I was so excited opening my package it contained super cute clothes!

Here are some outfits I tried on with new goodies:

My birthday's near (2 days remaining!) But I already got a lot of gifts >.< 
That's so funny: In 20 years I never had a birthday like this, even if it's not yet arrived.
This year I met a lot of beautiful ppl, and I'd like to thank them all for being at my side.
Also approaching Gyaru style introduced me to my lovely Best Friend, and other wonderful girls I'm honored to call friends, like FATIMA, SANGI, MASHI, SAYU, OKASHI and much more... I love you all girls! >.< 

If you didn't notice before, I dyed my hair back to my natural color!
I feel so different o.o It's like I changed my whole somatic, it's so strange >.<

Kisses ~Candycane

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  1. ma sono bellissimi i tuoi capelli naturali çOç non tingerli piùùù

  2. Happy Belated birthday to a fellow Scorpio!