sabato 19 maggio 2012

Gala~ make up

Less than a week to the gala of my old Singing school.
I'm so excited >.<

They told me to wear a heavy make up ~ LOL so I asked for the gyaru style, and they told me it's perfect! <3

So here are some of the make up tests for the gala:

Just the eye make up (as I'm waiting for a good foundation to arrive so I tought it was useless trying out the blush as it won't be the same after I got the foundation)

I'll style my hair curly, as we all girls came up with this idea!

The gala will be a huge show with lots of song and a popular Italian singer called Ornella Vanoni, I'll sing a part of "Let it be" (The Beatles) with other girls and boys form the school. I hope I'll have a lot of fun <3

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  1. <3 how nice

    I hope the show will go great, and Upload your curly hair.

    :) I follow you.