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Far east Film Festival~ just the most epic festival in the world

FAR EAST FILM FESTIVAL headed its 14th edition last week!
I managed to go there after 4 years, I was so excited!!
Schedule was full of beautiful movies that made me laugh and cry and bad movies that made me wanna burn the theater up.


Anyway! Friday the 20th the official opening of FeFF14 took place in the early evening, immediately followed by the screening of the Korean comedy "Sunny" directed by Kang Hyung~Chul. It made me cry. Not only 'cuz of its sad story but also because it was so stunning being there, sitting in front of the screen for the first time after FOUR years :')


There was also another screening that night, but I went back home to look after my child.

Saturday I woke up at 10, to get ready for Johnnie To's students' short movies. I personally liked them as they were simple and humble as a 20~years~old director's film must be. Then I moved to the local disco "minnamoro" to help TOKYO DOLORES with their show.
For the ones who don't know them here's the photo:

From left to right: JILL, ALOE and CAY.
They were lovely and funny, I managed to dance in private (yeah, in the FeFF privet) with all of them; we had so much fun!!

I'm the drunk thing in the middle. LOL.
Also, I was starring in the show. I was supposed to play the badass role, but I made some mistakes GOMENASAI >.<

The pathetic girl on the right pole is me. oh yeah.
Obviously I got drunk, but I had so much fun xD

SUNDAY was the cosplay event day. I went there dressed in loli, but as it was raining cats and dogs I spent lot of time in a bar.

MONDAY, I didn't manage to eat at all. And they screened a damn delicious food~based story. I was literally starving on my chair. The guy sitting next to me was constantly staring at me as my stomach was gurgling out loud.

SUKIYAKI~your stomach will love it!

TUESDAY was literally a suicide. Two f*cking hours of a Japanese drama called "The Egoists".
OHMYGOD don't watch this film if you love life! I longed for death from the very beginning. Boring, sloooooow, useless and horrible nothing more to say.
I loved the credit titles.

WEDNESDAY was the day one of the three "audience award" winners was screened. *One Mile Above* aka KORA.
I loved it. Not only for the plot (not exactly rich in elements and brilliant twists) but for the photography. You cannot imagine how many beautiful shots this film contains. Landscapes, details, typical chinese/tibetan was wonderful.
*The woodsman and the rain* came right after *One mile above* aka KORA, and I liked it really a lot. 

The woodsman and the rain

One mile above

THURSDAY, the winner of two of the three provided awards was screened: SILENCED
Dramatic, strong and bare, Silenced is based on a true story.
Sexual abuses, violence and harassment on minors students of a school for deaf children. Really touching.

Let's jump directly to SATURDAY, the last night.
I was both sad and thrilled for the awards, then I saw *Six degrees of separation from Lilia Cuntapay* and I finally started crying.
Not only this wonderful woman never gave up her dream of becoming an actress, but she managed to stay humble and innocent as can be. I really got touched by this mockumentary, go and watch it if you have the chance.

Last, but not least:
Coming back to FeFF made me meet lots of friend I lost along the way. I was so pleased when I saw they were all there, and that nothing changed since the last time we were all together.
I missed them so much, and I hope next year will be as wonderful as this was.

I love them all <3
AF crew, you're the most crazy, lovely, funny, kind bunch of friends I'm proud to claim by my side. Thank you for the years we passed together, sorry for letting you down...THANK YOU for accepting me back after 4 long years. <3

ASIAN FEAST for the win!


I'd like to thank FREDERIC AMBROISINE for lending me his photos <3 (click on his name to visit his website!)

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