sabato 12 maggio 2012

Random news post~

Some days ago I got involved in a fight between a bunch of drunk guys and a Moroccan.
I was waiting for my bus to arrive when suddently the drunk guys began with shouting at each other, threaten the other one with a broken bottle (I even got hurt on my feet as a guy broke the glass bottle on a fence, flinging the shattered pieces all around)
Almost healed but JEEEZ! It's as huge as my thumb!

After a little shouting the Moroccan showed. Oh God, I thought someone was going to die. A boy pulled out a knife from his sock and started running like hell after the Moroccan, yelling something about a boy in a coma or something, while the other drunk guys kept fighting, rolling broken bottles without giving a fuck on other people.
Suddently I realized that one of the girls who were trying to stop them was a dear friend of mine. She was crying, and screaming, trying to stop a huge guy from running after the Moroccan. It was a real hell: one of the guys fell over the fragments of the broken bottle, another was covered in blood, police didn't even know where to begin.
Anyway, nobody died or got seriously hurt, so I guess that we can call it an "happy ending".

At last, I'll pass the third class. Maybe.
Hope so.
Oh God, Please.
Next week's full of tests: History of Photography, Math, Chemistry, Italian, English, Filmography, History...I've a lot of thing to take care of, lot of work to finish. Like the animation.
My intention is to draw a tragic short anime on NOH8 campaign, based on the VOCALOID song "magnet":

I'll never do it.
Tonight I'll go on drawing. hoping I'm fast enough to finish it before the 24th.

Lately, a classmate started asking for K-pop boy and girl bands. She loves Big Bang, but I'm more into girl groups. Maybe because they're hotter eheh :3

Well, I've to go. My animation will not animate by itself.
xoxo ~Candy

P.s: After the 14th of May I'll change the name of the blog and my nickname too, let's keep in touch!

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